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Sun Prairie Volleyball is a non-profit organization, that means we need the support of the local community to pay for expenses such as equipment, uniforms, and programs. Currently we are offering a side bar advertisement like you'll see on the right side of the home page, we will design your ad to your specifications at no extra cost.

Why Advertise here???
The Sun Prairie Volleyball website has had large traffic volume almost from the first days of the site. People from all over Sun Prairie and even around the country can follow the Cardinals via the website. Every year we have thousands of hits to the Sun Prairie Volleyball web site. That means that thousands of different people, mostly from the community, will be seeing that you proudly support Sun Prairie Volleyball. Your support also makes this website possible so as an added feature we will be running a "Featured Partner" section of the homepage to highlight your contribution and support.

Where does the money go?
It has always been our hope that this website could be used as a fundraising vehicle for the volleyball boosters. Presently we are trying to raise enough money to keep the site going independent of personal donations. Once all expenses are paid all proceeds will go to the volleyball boosters.

Can I have a larger advertisement created?
Yes, we would be happy to negotiate larger ads on a case-by-case basis. We can also offer sponsors to certain portion of the website exclusively. For instance, we could change the Roster to the Roster brought to you by ABC Company.

How do I get in touch with someone from
You can reach the web master Bill Maksen by email at